Quality Assurance & Control

Quality is a top priority at Hunt Design and Manufacturing, Inc. We realize that satisfied customers are the most important component of a successful company and we continually monitor customer needs and expectations through positive interaction experiences and feedback.

This is accomplished by continually raising the bar of expectation within our own organization by using a “hands on” approach to quality. Internal corrective and preventative actions are utilized in order to prohibit any underlying issues that may adversely affect our total quality system. With the implementation of the ISO 9001 quality system in 2008, HDM continues to show that it is dedicated to manufacturing excellence. This proven system of stringent quality controls helps to ensure that each customer receives a product that meets and/or exceeds expectations every time.  In addition, our quality personnel are trained professionals with dozens of years of experience in all phases of the Quality Management System.



    - Quality Manual  

    - ISO 9001 Certificate of Registration  

Our Quality Policy and Objectives:

At Hunt Design & Manufacturing, we are committed to earning customer satisfaction by consistently providing products and interaction experiences of the highest quality to every customer. This is accomplished by implementing the following objectives:

  1. By consistently meeting our customer’s specifications and expectations by monitoring and measuring all phases of production.
  2. By maintaining ISO 9001:2015 certification of our QMS.
  3. By consistently providing products to our customers on time.
  4. By maintaining a work environment that encourages all employees to take ownership of their own work through consistent reinforcement of company goals & direction.
  5. By cultivating ongoing customer feedback through consistent support & communication from all management personnel.

Hunt Design and Manufacturing's past performance record on quality, service, and on-time delivery is unmatched in the machining industry. These criteria are of the utmost importance and are measured by the company╩╝s ISO 9001-2015 quality system.